• Image of Tiny Solid Copper Acorns on Sterling Silver Ring

This petit ring will be made just for you when you order it in your size. On the solid sterling silver striped band I soldered onto it two solid filled tiny copper acorns. Both of them have mini caps that are etched and darkened with little silver stems on top. Each one of these rings is made by hand and I carve the acorns individually so they are all unique. They are given a patina, sanded, and polished giving them their own look.

I originally made this design to go with a squirrel ring set but it can mean so many things. Oak trees are amazing! To know that they grow into these huge, majestic, beautiful beings from the smallest of seeds is humbling. Acorns sustain so many forms of wildlife and are beautiful little packages of artwork themselves.

Each of my pieces come to you in a nice jewelry box making them ready to be given as a gift or as a nice gift to yourself. Please let me know what size you would like your ring during the check out or you can send me a convo :)