• Image of Handmade Squirrel, Flower, and Acorn Stacker Ring Set

This sweet little stacker set of three features a squirrel, a band of flower heads, and a striped band with two hand carved copper acorns. They will be made especially for you so will take some time. Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom made orders. Also, please let me know what size to make your rings during check out.

The squirrel is a hand drawn cut out that I made for this ring. I etched his tail to look fluffy, some of his fur, and even gave him a tiny eye, mouth, and miniature whiskers! He was then polished and given a darkening patina to bring out his details. His ring band is a hammered and darkened finish with bright silver highlights.

The flower band and the striped silver band that the copper acorns are on are both darkened as well. The two little copper acorns I made are carved pieces with tiny little spotted caps. They are solid copper. They both have sterling silver acorn stems, too!

All of my pieces come to you in a gift box making them ready to be given as a gift, or as a gift for yourself.