I started creating my own jewelry when an interest sparked in me one day to try something new that might help animals in some way. I have done that off and on for so many years now. I love learning new things and trying to do something on my own. Because of this love I taught myself to cut and polish most of the stones I use in my work, the enameled glass pieces, as well as the cast metal pieces I create. I just love creating and learning new skills! It keeps me young?

When I create things they almost always revolve around animals, plants, and nature. My heart is with all animals on this planet. Helping people to open their eyes to the abuse, use, and exploitation of these beings is very important to me as many do not even know what is happening to them. With my pieces I hope to spark emotion, start conversations, and help educate us about other alternatives to help our animal friends. 

Other than art I most enjoy spending time with my little family. My two children and fiancé are my world and I am lucky that they love me. We rescue animals, foster, and help find homes for as many as we can help. I love finding new vegan restaurants (mostly bakeries!), cooking at home, *laughing*, growing flowers and plants indoors and out with my children, being outdoors in our beautiful town, and watching my chickens toddle around in my gardens just enjoying life as they deserve.